Summary of Finito terms of use and privacy policy

This document is intended to provide a clear and easily understandable summary of our terms of use and privacy policy. For more detailed information, please refer to our official Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents. In case of any inconsistency, the official documents shall take precedence over what is stated here.

Limits of demo and paid versions

The paid version of Finito will allow you to use approximately 40,000 words per month, which equates to 480,000 words per year.

The limit is applied on a monthly basis and Finito will cease to function for the remainder of the month once all available words have been used up.

If you reach this limit, please reach out to us at, and we will consider raising it for you at no cost.

The demo version of Finito will allow you to utilize approximately 4,000 words in total, after which it will cease functioning and prompt you to buy the full version to continue using it.

What counts as "word usage"

Every time you request Finito to perform a task for you, it will deplete some of your available words. The number of words that are used for each of your request is [number of words in your text selection] + [number of words in prompt] + [number of words in Finito's response]. "Prompt" is the phrase that Finito uses to instruct ChatGPT on what to do with the text you have selected.

Why Accessibility Permissions are needed

The magic shortcut that works anywhere to activate Finito (which is Control key by default) can only function if you grant Finito Accessibility Permissions on macOS.

Furthermore, the feature of Finito that allows it to replace your chosen text with AI-generated text in any application also necessitates the use of Accessibility Permissions. Unfortunately, there is no other way to implement these features on macOS, and they are critical to Finito's user experience.

As a general rule, you should never grant these permissions to applications that you do not trust. Doing so enables the application to detect and possibly modify all of your keystrokes and mouse actions, including clicks and movements.

We do realize that asking for these Accessibility Permissions is quite a lot, so we have strived to make Finito as trustworthy as possible. Finito runs in an app sandbox, which means it is protected by macOS. We have also added as many restrictions as possible to limit what it can do. In fact, almost all sandbox permissions are turned off for Finito.

Moreover, Finito is code-signed using our Apple Developer account, notarized by Apple, and protected by Apple's Gatekeeper technology. This ensures not only that the app you use was indeed created by our team, but also enables Apple to block the app's functionality if it is compromised in any way.

Finally, Finito was developed by Mike Antonic, who has more than 15 years of experience in Mac app development. Mike previously led the development of trusted and popular products, including PaintCode and Drama.


Finito requires an internet connection to function and cannot run locally. It must communicate with our server in order to operate.

This means that the text you provided to Finito (the text you had selected when you activated Finito with the Control key) is sent to our server, along with information about which command you chose from the command list (which is roughly equivalent to what is referred to as a "prompt").

If you ask Finito a question directly, that question is also sent to our server.

Other information that is sent to our server includes:

  • hardware identifier of your computer (this is necessary for our licensing system to work)
  • your IP address
  • your license key (if you are using paid version of Finito)
  • your email address (when you register paid or demo version of Finito)

Resending your texts to OpenAI

Finito relies on the ChatGPT API from OpenAI to operate. Our server sends some of the information mentioned above to OpenAI's server to process your request, specifically:

  • Your text selection upon activating Finito
  • Prompt corresponding to the command you chose in Finito (if you have chosen a command)
  • Your question (if you are asking Finito directly).
  • Hardware ID of your computer, salted and then hashed with cryptographic hash function
  • Your license key, salted and then hashed with cryptographic hash function (if you are using paid Finito version)

The hashed hardware ID and license key are included with every request from you, allowing OpenAI to disable service to individuals if abuse is detected. However, because the hardware ID and license key we send to OpenAI are salted and hashed using a cryptographic hash function, OpenAI is unable to reconstruct your hardware ID or license key - they never see it in its original, unhashed form.

To learn more about how OpenAI handles your data, please read OpenAI's privacy policy.

What information we store on our server

This is the information about you and your usage of Finito that we store on our servers:

  • Your e-mail
  • Your license key (if you bought Finito)
  • Hardware ID of your computer
  • Version of your operating system
  • Version of Finito you are using
  • Your IP address
  • Time of all of your requests
  • Commands/prompts of all your requests
  • Custom commands/prompts you use

What information we do not store on our server

Notably, we currently do not store any of the following information on our servers:

  • Contents of your text selection when you activated Finito
  • The questions you asked Finito directly

Note that our server does receive (and must receive) the above information, as without it, Finito would not work properly. However, we do not store this information on our server.

Our general approach to storing information from you on our server is to minimize it as much as possible while still allowing Finito to function.

In the future, we may store some information that we currently do not store, for short periods of time, solely for the purpose of improving Finito by analyzing how customers typically use it.