With Finito,
you can use AI in any app.

Available for Mac & Windows

Finito uses ChatGPT under the hood to help you:

  • corect correct grammar
  • improve your writing 🤩
  • generate ideas 💡
  • translate languages 🇫🇷
  • answer questions
  • and more!


First, select text in any app.

This can be your email client, chat app, website, office suite, or design tool...

Then, press Control Key.

Ta-da! Finito appears with a magical list of commands, ready to transform your selected text:

Select a command from the list, sit back, and let the AI work its wonders.

Then, you can easily replace your old text with the new,
AI-powered version.

But wait, there's more!

You can even ask Finito questions directly.

With Finito, you're the boss.

Personalize it with your own commands and shortcuts - it's super easy.

Available for Mac & Windows